An 8-week stress reduction program custom designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Awake at Work: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
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MBSR program
This is an 8 week program that teaches students how to develop mindful awareness in their everyday life and how to apply this to work situations. It is taught on site either as a morning, lunchtime or after work program.

Awake at Work program
This program is based on the MBSR program and is customized to your needs. Topics can be expanded to include conflict resolution and negotiation skills.

Mindfulness as a motivational talk
When we step back and look at the way we handle situations it can be quite comical. Indeed Einstein defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. As one student said "Mindfulness allows me both actor and director in my own life". Talks on Mindfulness can motivate your employees to be willing to move beyond habitual reactive behavior and to learn and grow in a light hearted way.

One day or half day sessions integrated into off site meetings
The practice of mindfulness brings us beyond our analytical mind, as you look to reinvent yourselves, you can tap into a deeper level of wisdom within you and move beyond fear and fear based solutions. Taking the time to discover these places in you really supports brain storming sessions and on or offsite meetings.

Other classes
Patricia teaches at local hospitals and centers in the Boston area

Visions Medical Center, Wellesley
Emerson Hospital, Concord
The Center at Westwoods, Westwood

Individual Sessions
Individual sessions are available for people who want to learn how to develop greater awareness and inner authority when dealing with life's inevitable challenges.

Meditation CDs

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